Monday, February 5, 2018

NBA Drafters, Draft & DraftKings Picks - Monday February 5th 2018

We have a 7 game slate of NBA action tonight. Here are my contests, strategies and players that I am targeting tonight.

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We have a 7 game slate tonight. This is going to be a pretty interesting slate as there are a number of different options that you can go with.

Contest Types Targeting By Percentage of Entry Fees
  • Drafters - 50% head to head contests. 50% 3-5 person contests
  • Draft - 50% 3 person contests. 50% 6 person contests.
  • DraftKings - 100% 20 person max GPP tournaments.
  • Drafters - Small forward is weak and even tonight so I'm saving that position for last. You can pick a little earlier than last in any contest that requires more than 20 players to be drafted. Power Forward and Center are stacked tonight and all the players I want at that position play both so it doesn't really matter who you pick where in most formats. The edge tonight is at guard in my view and I think it makes sense to try to get one of the top 4 guards overall tonight. In head to head, you really need to get at least one of them at point guard and the other at shooting guard otherwise you are going into the slate at a disadvantage. Making matters worst is one of those options is questionable.
  • Draft - Center is stacked at Head to Head and 3 person so it makes zero sense to take a Center on Draft in those formats until the 5th round. Forward is by far the weakest position of the night. If you have a chance to take one of the top two forwards take them without question above all other options. Otherwise, if not, you're better off filling both guard positions first, maybe even picking a center if you have a preference over the three and then filling forward last.
  • DraftKings - 66% of my lineups I will pay up for a stud, which on this slate there's only one, Anthony Davis. The other 33% of my lineups, I will fade Davis and try to build a more balanced team targeting players on teams who have high implied offensive totals and good opposing defensive matchups.
Injury News
  • Victor Oladipo is questionable tonight. Understand that if you draft him and he doesn't play you're not likely to find an equal replacement. So make sure you factor that into the equation if you pick him.
  • Donovan Mitchell is probable tonight.
  • Hassan Whiteside is probable tonight.

Players Targeting Tonight

Drafters Players

Draft Players

DraftKings Top 10 Exposure Plays

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