Wednesday, December 27, 2017

NBA Draft Plays - Wednesday December 27th 2017

We have a 10 game slate of NBA action tonight on Draft. Here are my strategies, contests and players that I am targeting tonight.

Picture By Erik Drost from United States (Russell Westbrook) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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So tonight we have 10 games of NBA action! If you have been using this article especially over the last few days you should be making some really good money. I've been crushing 3 mans and 6 mans as of late and I even have a 1st place 10 man. We get a full plate of contest types tonight including head to head, 3 person contests, 5 person contests, 8 person contests, dream team contests and tournaments. For the tournaments we have two 3 person contest tournaments ($5 and $23 3 entry max) as well as a head to head contest tournament ($110 single entry).

I would recommend maxing out the tournaments as long as it's in your budget to do so. THis is also a good night to play 8 mans, 5 mans and then round it out with 3 mans. Make sure you have as many 3 mans in entry fees as you have 6 mans and 8 mans. SO for instance, let's say you play $11 worth of 8 mans and 6 mans todays. You should also play $11 worth of 3 mans to balance it out.

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Let's take a look at the injury report:
  • Stephen Curry (out, ankle)
  • Victor Oladipo (questionable, knee)
  • Tyreke Evans (questionable, knee)
  • Lonzo Ball (out, shoulder)
  • D'Angelo Russell (out, knee)
  • Mike Conley (out, achilles)
  • Isaiah Thomas (out, knee)
  • Brandon Ingram (questionable, quad)
I'm fading everyone on this list today except for Tyreke Evans. I will draft him in 3 mans, but avoid him in 6 mans and 8 mans. However, even in 3 mans he will be limited to 10% of my lineups. The reason why is his game is really late so there's a possibility that we might not know his status until most of the slate has played. Oladipo is playing a back to back. Even if he plays, I want no parts of him on a back to back banged up. Ingram may not play and if he does play he will be on a minutes restriction so I want no parts of that either.

My draft strategy is as follows tonight. In 3 mans I want to try to get either Cousins or Towns at Center, address forward first and leave guard for last. The exception of course is if I can get Russell Westbrook. The problem though is in most drafts I'm not getting him because he's being taken first and with the first pick I'm taking James. In 5 mans and 8 mans, I want to get a center from the first 2 tiers. I am targeting forward first and then guard. However, if there are only guards in the tier and the next forward is in a lower tier, I'll take the guard.

Here is a breakdown of the players that I'm targeting. I'm going to provide 5 tiers of players with each tier having 8 players each.

Tier 1
  • LeBron James F
  • Russell Westbrook G
  • DeMarcus Cousins C
  • Kevin Durant F
  • Anthony Davis F
  • Karl-Anthony Towns C
  • Kristaps Porzingis F
  • Kevin Love F
Tier 2
  • Jimmy Butler G
  • Tyreke Evans G
  • Kyrie Irving G
  • John Wall G
  • Draymond Green F
  • DeMar DeRozan G
  • Marc Gasol C
  • Nikola Jokic C
Tier 3
  • Kyle Kuzma F
  • Paul George F
  • Dennis Schroder G
  • Jrue Holiday G
  • Kris Dunn G
  • Klay Thompson G
  • Zach Randolph F
  • Al Horford C
Tier 4
  • Bradley Beal G
  • Kyle Lowry G
  • Kemba Walker G
  • Dwight Howard C
  • Spencer Dinwiddie G
  • Rondae Hollis-Jefferson G
  • Enes Kanter C
  • Myles Turner C
Tier 5
  • Myles Turner C
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope G
  • Kent Bazemore F
  • Nikola Mirotic F
  • Taj Gibson F
  • Jayson Tatum F
  • Carmelo Anthony F
  • John Collins F

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