Monday, December 11, 2017

NBA Draft Plays - Monday December 11th 2017

Tonight on Draft we have a 6 game slate of NBA action. Check out which contests I will be targeting tonight and which players I will be looking at drafting.

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It's Monday night and we have a 6 game slate of NBA contests to compete in tonight. Draft is currently offering head to head contests, 3 player contests, 6 player contests, dream team contests and tournaments. There is a 6 person tournament ($5 6 entry max), a 3 person tournament ($23 2 entry max) and a head to head tournament ($110 single entry). I would stay away from the 6 person tournament unless you are already profitable in tournaments. Stick to the 3 person or head to head if those amounts are within your budget. Otherwise, avoid tournaments tonight and stick with the regular contests. I will be playing all of the regular contests tonight.

Friday was the last time I played NBA on Draft. I won 66% of my head to head contests and 28% of my 3 person contests. I was also eliminated from a head to head tournament. So I was not profitable on Draft. Lifetime I currently have a 580% positive ROI on the site. So even though it hasn't been a great last couple of weeks on Draft, I am still WAY ahead of what I initially put into the site.

Let's take a look at the injury report:
  • James Harden G (probable left calf)
  • Anthony Davis F (questionable left adductor)
  • Paul George F (questionable calf)
  • Draymond Green F (probable shoulder)
  • Al Horford C (questionable right knee bruise)
At this point I expect Harden and Green to play so I will not be reducing my exposure to them. Davis and Green I am a little concerned about them playing. So I will be limiting them to less than 10% of my drafts. Horford I do not expect him to play tonight so I will not be drafting him in my contests tonight.

Here's a breakdown of which contests I'm playing tonight:
  • 33% Head to Head
  • 33% 6 Person Contests
  • 22% 3 Person Contests
  • 12% Dream Team Contests
  • 0% Tournaments
As for drafting strategy tonight, the guard position is definitely the most talented rich position tonight. Getting Kevin Durant tonight puts you at a huge advantage, ESPECIALLY if Anthony Davis or Paul George misses tonight. While I wouldn't necessarily pass on Harden or Westbrook to get him there is merit to trying very hard to get KD. I would try my best to get Kevin Durant in all contest types tonight. Also, for any contest larger than head to head, if you do not fill up your forward positions from the first two draft tiers tonight, I would suggest waiting until round 5 to get a forward or round 4 and 5 if you don't get any forwards at all.

So let's take a look at which players I'm targeting tonight. Since 6 person is the highest, I will do 5 tiers of players with each tier having 6 players each.

Tier 1
  • James Harden G
  • Russell Westbrook G
  • Kevin Durant F
  • DeMarcus Cousins C
  • Chris Paul G
  • Damian Lillard G
Tier 2
  • Anthony Davis F
  • Paul George F
  • Marc Gasol C
  • Draymond Green F
  • DeMar DeRozen G
  • Kyle Lowry G
Tier 3
  • Dwight Howard C
  • DeAndre Jordan C
  • Klay Thompson G
  • Jayson Tatum F
  • Kemba Walker G
  • CJ McCollum G
Tier 4
  • Tyreke Evans G
  • Kris Dunn G
  • Lou Williams G
  • Carmelo Anthony F
  • Clint Capela C
  • Jaylen Brown F
Tier 5
  • Steven Adams C
  • Danilo Gallinari F
  • Al-Farouq Aminu F
  • James Johnson F
  • Lauri Markkanen F
  • Serge Ibaka F
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