Friday, December 29, 2017

NBA Draft Plays - Friday December 29th 2017

We have a 9 game slate of NBA action to work with on Draft. Here are the strategies, contests and players that I'm targeting on today's slate.

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It's Friday and we have a 9 game slate of NBA action to build lineups with on Draft. Tonight, Draft is offering head to head contests, 3 person contests, 5 person contests, 8 person contests, dream team contests and tournaments. For tournaments there is a 3 person contest tournament ($5 3 entry max) a 5 person contest tournament ($23 3 entry max) and a head to head contest tournament ($110 single entry). I am playing the 3 person tournament if I can. The only issue is at the time of this article it's almost full. Usually they will run another one if it fills this early so hopefully that will be the case.

Draft is also running the $250,000 World Series of Fantasy. The entry fee is $12 and it is a 4 person draft qualifier with a 4 entry max. You have to win two times to cash and it is a 5 round tournament. However the winner of this qualifier gets an entry into the World Series of Fantasy NBA Main Event. This is a two round online competition for 25 players which takes place in March 2018. Winner of the Main Event gets $50,000. Here are the details:

Qualifiers are very tough to win so don't play them if your budget is tight. However, if you got the money, I would recommend getting at least one entry in. Just winning the ticket guarantees you a minimum prize of $1,500.

My contest strategy is to max out the 3 person tournaments if possible. I also want to get at least one entry into the World Series of Fantasy if possible. As for the regular contests, I'm going to avoid head to head contests as well as dream team contests and focus my efforts as follows. 50% of my non tournament budget will go towards 5 person and 8 person contests. The other 50% will go towards 3 person contests.

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Let's take a look at the injury report. I'm only going to include probable and questionable players. Players who are doubtful or out, I won't include and they also won't be in my player pool.
  • Blake Griffin (questionable knee)
  • Chris Paul (questionable leg)
  • Kyle Kuzma (probable quad)
I don't mind drafting any of these players however, if I do, they will be limited to 10% of my lineups.

My drafting strategy is as follows. DeMarcus Cousins is significantly better than the other options at Center. While he will be ranked where I have him in the 1st tier, I will definitely reach to get him in some of my drafts if I notice that I'm not getting him. While the slate is big enough that you can certainly cash without him, I definitely want some exposure to him in at least some of my drafts and will do what it takes to make that happen. The only way I won't get him is if he's going 1st or 2nd in all my drafts and I don't get enough 1st or 2nd picks to get him.

For 3 person contests, I want to get a minimum of at least 1 forward from the 1st tier. If I can get 2 that will be even better. So I will be targeting 1st tier forwards followed by 1st tier guards. If I don't get Cousins I'm saving Center for the 5th round.

For 5 person or 8 person contests I want to get a minimum of at least 1 forward from the 1st 3 tiers. If I can get 2 even better. If I don't get Cousins, I will draft a Center if there are no forwards available in the tier I'm targeting.

I am dividing the players that I'm targeting into 5 tiers. Each tier will have 8 players each:

Tier 1
  • Russell Westbrook G
  • James Harden G
  • Kevin Durant F
  • DeMarcus Cousins C
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo F
  • Anthony Davis F
  • DeMar DeRozan G
  • Draymond Green F
Tier 2
  • Dwight Howard C
  • Kyle Lowry G
  • John Wall G
  • DeAndre Jordan C
  • Kemba Walker G
  • Devin Booker G
  • Brandon Ingram F
  • Blake Griffin F
Tier 3
  • Dennis Schroder G
  • Kris Dunn G
  • Bradley Beal G
  • Eric Bledsoe G
  • Klay Thompson G
  • Chris Paul G
  • Kyle Kuzma F
  • Steven Adams C
Tier 4
  • Khris Middleton G
  • Harrison Barnes F
  • Carmelo Anthony F
  • Myles Turner C
  • Hassan Whiteside C
  • Otto Porter F
  • TJ Warren F
  • Zach Randolph F
Tier 5
  • Wille Cauley-Stein C
  • Jordan Clarkson G
  • Lance Stephenson G
  • Kent Bazemore F
  • Nikola Mirotic F
  • Tauren Prince F
  • Thaddeus Young F
  • Kelly Olynyk C
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