Monday, December 4, 2017

NBA Draft Picks: Monday December 4th 2017

We have a 11 game slate of NBA action on Draft. Here are my recommended contests to target as well as which players I am going to be targeting on the Draft site tonight.

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It's Monday! The NBA is presenting us with a 6 game slate tonight of NBA action available for contests on Draft! For this slate, Draft is running Head to Head contests, 3 person contests, 6 person contests, 10 person contests, Dream team contests and tournaments. There are 3 tournaments available tonight. There's a 6 person tournament with 6 entry max for $5. There's a 5 person tournament with 3 entry max for $23. Finally, there's a head to head tournament single entry for $110.

Based on the players that are available on tonight's slate, I recommend that you avoid playing the 10 person contests, the 6 person tournaments and the 5 person tournaments. The player pool puts drafters in the bottom half of the 10 person drafts at a significant disadvantage. As for the tournaments, you are more than twice as likely to break even or better from the head to head and 3 person tournaments than you are from the bigger tournaments and that's just factoring in the raw numbers.

When you factor in slate variation and the impact that your draft position has on your lineup, that increases the numbers even more. I recommend avoiding the bigger tournaments until you have nailed some solid wins on the smaller tournaments first to build your ROI and profit. Then with the additional profit, you can take some shots at the larger tournaments.

Last Thursday when I played NBA it was an unsuccessful day. I got eliminated in the quarterfinals of the 3 person draft tournament that I maxed out last week. My prize was $15 and I entered $30 worth of entries so I only got half my money back. I also struck out in most of the contests I entered that night. The only contests that were successful were 3 person contests which I cashed at a 40% rate.

On the injury front for players that I am looking at tonight, Kemba Walker is probable with a shoulder injury.

Here is a breakdown of the percentages that I will be targeting tonight when it comes to contests. Since the largest contest type that I will target tonight is the 6 person contests, I will develop a draft pool that consists of 5 tiers of players with each tier having 6 players each.
  • 40% - 3 Person Contests
  • 25% - Head to Head Contests
  • 25% - 5 Person Contests
  • 10% - Dream Team Contests
Here are the players that I am targeting on this slate:

Tier 1
  • DeMarcus Cousins C
  • LeBron James F
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo F
  • Joel Embiid C
  • Ben Simmons F
  • Stephen Curry G
Tier 2
  • Kevin Durant F
  • Marc Gasol C
  • Andre Drummond C
  • Victor Oladipo G
  • LaMarcus Aldridge F
  • Karl-Anthony Towns F
Tier 3
  • Dennis Schroder G
  • Kevin Love F
  • Kemba Walker G
  • Aaron Gordon F
  • Jrue Holiday G
  • Kyrie Irving G
Tier 4
  • Jimmy Butler G
  • Dwight Howard C
  • Draymond Green F
  • Devin Booker G
  • Tyreke Evans G
  • Eric Bledsoe G
Tier 5
  • Bradley Beal G
  • Myles Turner F
  • Andrew Wiggins F
  • Otto Porter F
  • Nikola Vucevic C
  • Elfrid Payton G
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