Saturday, November 25, 2017

NFL Draft Plays - Sunday November 26th 2017

This weekend we have a 13 game slate of NFL action on Draft! Find out which players I recommend you focus on drafting in your lineups this weekend.

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It's the weekend after Thanksgiving! This is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the season. That means it's the perfect time to try and win some money! I remember back in 2015, I had just started a new job so money was tight. However, I was able to take first place in a contest, thus giving me money for Christmas shopping. It was glorious!

This weekend we have a 13 game NFL slate. There are a number of contests available on Draft. We have Head 2 Head, 3 Person Draft, 6 Person Draft and 10 Person Draft. We also have Dream Team contests as well as tournaments. NFL currently has 2 5 person draft tournaments ($10 and $21) as well as one 4 person draft tournament ($69). The 5 person tournaments have a 5 entry max and the 4 person tournament have a 4 entry max. I'm personally not a big fan of the tournaments that are more than 3 entries. However, if you are going to tackle these tournaments, I highly recommend maxing out your entries to give yourself a better chance to win.

On the injury news front, Rob Gronkowski is probable with illness. He said on Friday that he is good to go.

For this slate I am going to break the players down into 5 tiers with 6 players each. I'm not playing 10 mans so if you are, you may need to figure out the latter end of your draft on your own. However, this is a big enough player pool to cover all of the other contest types.

Tier 1
  • Todd Gurley RB
  • Antonio Brown WR/TE
  • LeVeon Bell RB
  • LeSean McCoy RB
  • Tom Brady QB
  • Kareem Hunt RB
Tier 2
  • Tevin Coleman RB
  • Mark Ingram RB
  • Alvin Kamara RB
  • Travis Kelce WR/TE
  • Carlos Hyde RB
  • Rob Gronkowski WR/TE
Tier 3
  • Michael Thomas WR/TE
  • Julio Jones WR/TE
  • Leonard Fournette RB
  • Doug Baldwin WR/TE
  • Russell Wilson QB
  • AJ Green WR/TE
Tier 4
  • Brandin Cooks WR/TE
  • TY Hilton WR/TE
  • Tyreek Hill WR/TE
  • Mike Evans WR/TE
  • Zach Ertz WR/TE
  • Matt Ryan QB
Tier 5
  • Alex Smith QB
  • Jared Goff QB
  • Lamar Miller RB
  • Joe Mixon RB
  • Christian McCaffrey RB
  • Carson Wentz QB
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