Thursday, November 30, 2017

NBA Draft Plays - Thursday November 30th 2017

Tired of losing money every night in fantasy NBA? Check out my article highlighting my recommended plays on Draft as well as the contests that I am targeting playing tonight.

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We have a 5 game slate of NBA action tonight. This is a great night to play on Draft! Tonight, Draft is running head to head contests, 3 person contests, 5 person contests, dream team contests and tournaments. There's one tournament currently available, a 3 person draft tournament for $23 with a 2 person match. If that's within your budget, definitely go for it! As you know I am a fan of the 3 person draft tournaments.

Last night was a good night on Draft for me. I cashed 50% of my 3 person contest. I cashed 100% of my head to head contests. I cashed 100% of my 6 person and 10 person contests. I advanced to the quarterfinals in a 3 person draft tournament and if I win tonight, I will at minimum break even from losing the other contests when I maxed entered this tournament. I even cashed in smaller dream team contests. 

Here is my contest exposure tonight:
  • 30% - Head to Head Contests
  • 30% - 3 Man Contests
  • 20% - 5 Man Contests
  • 20% - Dream Team Contests
I'm also in the quarterfinals for a 3 person draft tournament so I will be building a team for that.

There's no injury concerns tonight with the players that I am looking to target. Since 5 person is the biggest contest running tonight, I'm going to do 5 tiers of players with 5 players in each tier. Here are the players I am targeting:

Tier 1
  • LeBron James F
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo F
  • Ben Simmons F
  • Damian Lillard G
  • Nikola Jokic C
Tier 2
  • Kevin Love F
  • Lou Williams G
  • Kyrie Irving G
  • Al Horford C
  • Dennis Schroder G
Tier 3
  • Eric Bledsoe G
  • Donovan Mitchell G
  • Jusuf Nurkic C
  • Khris Middleton G
  • CJ McCollum G
Tier 4
  • Kris Dunn G
  • DeAndre Jordan C
  • Derrick Favors F
  • Will Barton F
  • Lauri Markkanen F
Tier 5
  • Robert Covington F
  • John Collins F
  • Joe Ingles F
  • Austin Rivers G
  • Robin Lopez C
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