Friday, October 13, 2017

How To Enter Multiple Lineups In DratKings At One Time

As a tournament player on DraftKings that plays multiple lineups, it can be a challenge to manage all of those lineups. Especially when you have a situation where a key player gets injured that has a huge impact on your overall strategy for that particular slate. DraftKings does provide some tools to help you to be able to upload and manage those lineups all at one time.

To create multiple lineups, the first step is to click the Lineups tab at the top of the page. This will take you to the page that I created a screen shot that appears above.

Next, click the Upload Lineups Button. That's the second button from the left on the right hand side at the top. This will take you to the following screen:
To begin this process you must first download the template that DraftKings provides for the sport and slate that you are looking to play. Select the sport you are playing where it says "Pick A Sport." Next, select the style of contest that you are playing where it says "Pick A Style." Finally, pick a start time for the contest slate that you are looking to create lineups for. Once you have selected everything, you want to hit the Green Download Button as shown below:
The template will be downloaded as a .CSV file. This type of file can be opened in any spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or the Numbers application on Macs. Here is what the template looks like:
The spreadsheet contains the names and player IDs for every single player at every single position that is available to be played in that sport, contest type and slate. Simply go to row 2 where you have the first position and then copy either the Name + ID for the player you want to play in that lineup OR you can copy JUST the ID number for the player. Name alone will NOT WORK!

So you copy the Name + ID or just the ID to the position that you want to play that player in row 2. So for example, if I wanted to play Drew Brees at QB, Kareem Hunt and Todd Gurley at the two RB spots and Michael Thomas at WR in my first lineup, I would copy his name and ID to the QB field as shown below:
Simply continue that process until you have players at every single position for the first lineup. Then go down to line 3 and do the same for the 2nd lineup, line 4 for your 3rd lineup and so forth. You can do up to a maximum of 500 lineups in a single CSV file.

​Once you have completed this process, simply save your file as a CSV file. It should look something like this:
Finally, go back to DraftKings, click on lineups again, followed by upload lineups again. That will take you back to the Lineup Upload screen. This time, you are going to click on the Upload CSV button as shown below:
Once you click that button, select the CSV file that you saved and click on "Open." As long as you did everything right, you will receive a screen that says "Successfully Uploaded" and it will show the lineups that you uploaded. The lineups will appear on the Lineups page and they will be available for you to select from when you join contests.

If you have already created lineups and joined contests and you want to mass edit your lineups at one time, the process is basically the same. You will click on Lineups, but this time, you are going to click on EDIT ENTRIES, which is the third button from the left. That will take you to this page:
Pick your sport, contest style and slate start time. Then click on the Download button. This will create a similar but slightly different CSV file that looks like this:
The concept works exactly the same though. Each line represents a lineup that you have entered in a specific contest. If you want to edit the lineup, simply replace the name and ID of the position you want to change with the name and ID of the new player you want to play instead. Repeat this process until you have made all the changes that you want. Then go back to the Edit Entries screen as instructed above and click on the Upload CSV button

By the way, if you use a good lineup optimizer, the optimizer should have an option to export the lineups that you created into a CSV file. Then you can simply upload that CSV file to DraftKings as explained above.

I hope you find this helpful for managing your lineups. If this is extremely helpful to you and you would like to provide a tip, please feel free to leave me a tip by clicking this link here.

​Good luck!

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