Thursday, September 14, 2017

Season Long Fantasy Football Results: Week 1!

It's been a while since I wrote a post here. I've been pretty busy between working my two jobs and launching my brand new fantasy sports and sports wagering site.

If you are interested in reading my articles on my new site you can read Roosevelt Cooper Daily Fantasy Sports articles here.

I'm a seasonal employee at my full time job and my season is scheduled to come to an end on September 30th. Then I will only be working part time for the next 1-3 months. This will give me time to work out a schedule for posting on this site.

In the meanwhile, one thing that I will commit to do is share my results playing season long fantasy football. Let's see how I did in week 1!

My Football League

I am currently playing in one league on the My Football League website. The Gamechanger fantasy football league is a dynasty league started up by my friend Joe. In a dynasty league you play every year keeping your entire team from year to year. There is a rookie and free agent draft at the beginning of each season where you can add to your team.

In week 1 my team Counter Power Trap took on On The Clock. We were losing most of the weekend but we're able to come back from behind and get the W with a score of 114.6 to 111.7. This was thanks to 12.1 points from RB Mark Ingram on the New Orleans Saints. I am currently 1-0 tied for first place in my division with one other team.

ESPN Football Leagues

I am playing in 2 football leagues on ESPN. The first league is an Auction Draft league Laying the Wood hosted by my friend Fred. In that league my team The Hidden Lineman destroyed our opponent Bow Before The Red Zone Blitz by a score of 103 to 67.5 powered by strong performances by QB Marcus Mariota, WR Antonio Brown and WR Stefon Diggs. We are now 1-0 tied for first place in my division with one other team.

My 2nd team is a round robin draft league Pros vs Joes hosted by my friend Will. My team 11 Man Blitz was destroyed in week 1 by Tampa Florida Young Money by a score of 174.5 to 86.5. We are now 0-1 tied for 4th place in our division with 2 other teams.

Yahoo Football Leagues

I am playing in 4 football leagues on Yahoo. Technically 5 but the 5th one I didn't intend on playing in so I won't count that one.

The first league is a long time round robin draft league I'm in hosted by my friend Chris. I'm the defending champion of this league. I got off to a bad start because I completely forgot about my Draft and the Yahoo app which normally alerts me never alerted me. However I was still able to secure a victory in week 1 where my team The Smackdown Layers defeated Speed Kills by a score of 157 to 103 powered by a 246 yard 3 touchdown debut by rookie RB Kareem Hunt. I'm currently in a 5 way tie for 1st place with a 1-0 record 

The second league is a round robin draft league I'm in hosted by my friend Kevin for The DFS Masters community. In the first week my team No Friends Left defeated Watash's team by a score of 81.04 to 72.20. I am currently in a 3 way tie for 1st place in my division with a 1-0 record.

The third league is a 3 round keeper league also hosted by my friend Kevin. In this league you keep 3 players from your team each year as your first 3 draft picks. Then a draft takes place for the remaining players not kept as well as the rookies. In the first week my team Not For Losers defeated Watash's Team (Yes he's in this league too and yes we played each other in 2 leagues the same week) by a score of 119.04 to 105.32. I am currently 1-0 in some possession of first place in my division.

The final league is a Pickem league. In this league you pick which teams you think are going to win their games each week. These picks are straight up not against the spread. In the first week my team The Sports Prophet went 10-5 in picks. We are currentlyin a 14 way tie for 10th place. There are 66 teams total that are picking.

So all in all we are off to a great start the first week. My fantasy football teams went 4-1 this week and I went 10-5 in picking football teams. Week 2 starts tonight so hopefully we can keep up the momentum!

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