Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's A Brand New Year! 2017: The Year Of The Fantasy Sports Professional!

CPA by Day...Fantasy Sports Professional by Night
Justin Van Zuiden, aka stlcardinals84 to the Daily Fantasy Sports Community

It's 2017. A brand new year!

While 2016 was a good year for me in general, it was NOT a good year for me in fantasy sports. I finished the year off with an ROI of -17.62%. Daily fantasy sports was ruled illegal by the attorney general of the state of New York. The fantasy sports sites fought the ruling but in March of 2016, they decided that the best course of action would be to settle. 

They settled with the attorney general and as part of that settlement, they agreed not to operate in New York state until September, pending legislation from the New York legislation bodies explicitly allowing them to do so.

The end result was I was not allowed to play in New York. In order for me to play, I would have to travel to a neighboring state where the games were allowed, in my case New Jersey and Connecticut. Since my schedule didn't allow me to do this consistently, I wasn't able to play consistently and as a result, I took a beating during the down months.

Thus teaching me one valuable lesson. Playing the games consistently helps you to more easily identify the best players and thus makes you a much better player overall.

Fortunately, the New York Legislature ruled that fantasy sports was legal and with some modifications, allowed the websites to reopen after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed off on the bill in August. However, I lost out on five months of playing consistently.

With that said, don't cry for me Argentina. My ROI from 2015, my first full year playing was 63.55%. Due to my powerful bankroll management strategy, I can sustain YEARS of losses and still maintain my lifetime profit. And it doesn't take you winning a $50,000 grand prize to make that happen either. Winning a $1,000 tournament as a low stakes $0.25 to $1.00 player is more than enough to allow you to be able to protect your winnings using the strategy I share in the bankroll link.

My long term goal is to grow my bankroll to the $100,000 mark. At this level, I will be able to play $5000 per night and at that point, all I would need is a yearly ROI of 5% of my entry fees to be able to support myself and my family doing this full time.

Now I STILL wouldn't only do fantasy sports once I reach this mark. I would definitely quit my other jobs. However, there is something else that I would love to do full time as well. This was a blessing in disguise because I made this discovery during the time that fantasy sports was shut down in my state.

Justin Van Zuiden is a CPA by day. He earns a living consulting people on how to minimize taxes.

I would like to earn a living consulting people too. 

Consulting people on how to take their passion for sports and turn it into an income stream for themselves.

Fantasy sports is obviously one way to do this and I have set up this blog to document my journey and share many of the important lessons that I have learned on the way. However, fantasy sports is only ONE way to do it. There are a LOT of other ways to do it as well.

So I founded a company to help do just that. It's called Sports 4 Profit and this blog now falls under the umbrella of my new company.

As a result, I am REALLY excited about 2017.

Not only because I now get a FULL YEAR to play fantasy sports uninterrupted.

Also because I now have a new company where I can help people to do what I'm doing. 

Take their passion for sports and turn it into a way that they can make money from.

Make sure you check out our company website Sports 4 Profit to learn more about this.

Back to fantasy sports!

I'm going to commit to write at least one blog post a week. There's going to be two parts to it. The first part is where I will share with you how I did for the week. I'll let you track my ROI for the week, for the month and for the year.

The second part is where I will take a topic of importance and share with you about that topic.

For example, next week I'm going to talk about game and opponent selection. It is probably the second most important topic in my opinion, second only to bankroll management.

A lot of players just randomly pick games, not given much thought or process to what games they are selecting, why they are selecting those games and what opponents they are selecting.

When in fact, just taking a LITTLE bit of extra time and putting a little MORE thought process behind this can significantly improve your chances at earning a profit!

We will talk more about this next week. Where hopefully, I will be able to report to you that my first week was profitable!

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