Monday, September 19, 2016

The Return Of The Fantasy Sports Professional!

Protesters in New York Making Their Voices Heard About Their Desire To Play Daily Fantasy

Daily Fantasy Sports has officially returned to New York!

On August 24th, Daily Fantasy websites officially received the go ahead from the state of New York to resume operation in the state. 

I actually haven't had enough time to update this blog. Reason being? You guessed it. I've been so busy playing the games again!

This week will make a month since the games have returned and now that I have gotten my fantasy sports research back into my regular daily routine, I now have the ability to be able to once again write blog posts on this site.

This blog is going to be updated on a weekly basis. New posts will be available every Monday morning at 9:00am Eastern time.

I will be also posting daily updates to the Fantasy Sports Professional fan page. If you are on Facebook (who isn't on Facebook these days?), go ahead and give us a follow.

Here's the premise behind this blog.

My desire is to become a full time fantasy sports professional. I want to play fantasy sports full time for a living and have that be one of my primary sources of income.

My other source of income will come from helping others who also have a desire to earn income from sports. You can learn more about that on my company blog, Sports 4 Profit. I will be updating the company blog more frequently. My goal is to updated it once per day.

On this blog here, once a week, I will be sharing with you my journey as I go from a serious part time player to becoming a full time player. I will share with you the ups as well as the downs. In addition, I will share some very important tips and lessons learned that will help you to become a better fantasy sports player.

I will be covering both season long fantasy sports as well as daily fantasy sports as I participate in both types of contests.

To begin, here is where I find myself so far...

Currently, I am known as a flyweight contender. This means that I participate in small stake fantasy sports contests. Rotogrinders is the largest community of fantasy sports players in the world. They currently have over 34,000 players who are registered with their site and are currently ranked based on their ability to win large stake tournaments in a variety of different fantasy sports.

As of the time of this blog post, my official Rotogrinders rating is 11,910 out of 34,592. This puts me in the top 35% of all ranked fantasy sports players in the world today.

In addition, as a flyweight contender, my official Rotogrinders rating is 2,570 out of 13,335. This puts me in the top 19% of all fantasy sports players that participate in the smallest stake fantasy sports contests like I do.

Finally, in terms of my profits, I am currently playing completely with profits and re-investing all income back into playing. When I took 1st place and 3rd place in my first big tournament, I made a withdrawal and took out 5 times my original investment. I left the remaining amount in my account and play with that.

This allows me a huge safety net because even if I lost every dollar that I have in my account currently, I would still be up 5 times what I initially invested into playing the games. My current goal is to build my bankroll to the point where I can actually produce a monthly income playing fantasy sports. 

Once my monthly income from playing fantasy sports consistently exceeds my monthly income from my job AND I have built up at least 3 years of living expense savings, I will then quit my job and pursue fantasy sports full time.

So make sure you check this blog out every week and get an update on how I am doing as well as any lessons learned that I will be able to share with you!

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