Saturday, December 27, 2014

Daily Fantasy Basketball – An Overview Of How To Play The Game!

Last night was my BEST NIGHT EVER thanks to Kenneth Faried’s 26 points and 25 rebounds!!!

An Overview of Fantasy Basketball

I have been playing fantasy basketball for over 16 years! As a HUGE basketball fan, it is so much fun! Building a team of players and competing against others is truly exciting! 

However, I recently came across a WHOLE NEW way to play and enjoy fantasy basketball and it has been nothing short of AMAZING! It’s called DAILY fantasy basketball and I believe that this new trend is going to revolutionize not only how we play fantasy sports, but how we consume sports as well!

So the concept of fantasy basketball is simple.

You pick players.

Other people pick players.

You compete against them scoring points based upon those players ACTUAL in game performance.

The team that scores the most points wins.

Traditionally, fantasy basketball is played over the course of an entire NBA season. You draft a team at the beginning of the season. Then you compete against other teams throughout the season. You can trade players, sign free agents and waive players.
You can play strictly for fun and bragging rights or you can also play for cash and win money playing the game as well.

Season Long Fantasy Basketball Vs Daily Fantasy Basketball

While season long fantasy basketball is fun, there are some slight disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it is a VERY long season. Like the real NBA it starts in November and it continues until April. The challenge with the length of the season is that after a while, some teams get so far behind they have no chance of winning. When that happens it can be kind of boring for the team owner and they might not be as excited to set lineups and stay engaged. This also takes some fun away from the other league participants as there is one less player being active.

This is where daily fantasy basketball comes into play.

Daily fantasy basketball takes the same concept that season long fantasy basketball builds upon. However, it compresses time frames. So instead of competing over the course of an entire season, you compete over the course of a single day.

You pick your team. Your team competes against another team or other teams. At the end of the night the team with the most points wins.

Like season long, you can play strictly for fun and bragging rights. However you can also play for cash.

Playing for cash brings up a very interesting dynamic in the daily game.

In season long, you have to wait months to see if you are the person that ends up winning the cash.

In daily fantasy you don’t have to wait months. You find out THAT VERY NIGHT!

There are even free rolls where you can play for free and STILL win cash prizes as well. It’s a truly incredible concept.

How Does Daily Fantasy Basketball Work?

The first step is to pick your team. There are several ways this can be done and there are multiple formats.

However, the most common format for picking your team is called a salary cap format. Here’s how it works:

Every player is allotted a specific budget. That budget is used for the purpose of drafting players onto your team.

Each player playing that night is assigned a dollar amount. The top players have the highest dollar amounts. The bench warmers have the lowest.

Your job is to spend this budget on players to make up your fantasy team with the hope that your team is going to score the most points.

You can pick any player you want. Other players can too. So it’s possible that you and someone else both draft Kobe Bryant. If that happens, you will both score the same amount of points from Kobe and whatever players you have that are different will determine who has the higher score.

The key to picking a successful team is to maximize your budget by finding the best players and spending the least amount of money.

Sometimes, that’s going to involve spending the big money on the superstars and hoping that they are worth it. That’s what I did on Christmas night when I spent $12,000 of my $50,000 team budget on Russell Westbrook. With Kevin Durant out and it being a nationwide television game on Christmas night, I was expecting Westbrook to have a BIG game. So I spent the money and he delivered in a BIG way, scoring 34 points, grabbing 5 rebounds, dishing out 11 assists and getting 5 steals as well. This allowed me to get 66.25 points and helped my team win most of our matchups that night.

Other times, that’s going to involve finding players who are priced lower, but put up HUGE performances. That’s what I did tonight to win. I really liked Kenneth Faried’s chances of putting up a good performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves who are the worst team in the Western Conference. He was priced at only $6,000 tonight. That’s HALF of what I paid for Russell Westbrook on Christmas night. So I took Faried and he showed up in a BIG way, scoring 26 points, grabbing 25 rebounds and getting 3 assists. That was good for 61.25 points and helped my team win pretty much ALL of our matchups last night. In fact, my team did so well last night, I came $24 short of matching what I made working a FULL DAY on my job. I made this lineup ON MY LUNCH BREAK!

So that’s how Daily Fantasy Basketball works!

If you would like to play, the first step is to sign up on a website to play. It is legal to play in all 50 states in the United States, however, there are a couple of states that you can only play for free. Most states though, you can play for money because they don’t consider fantasy sports gambling.

My favorite site to play basketball on is Draftkings. They are offering a 100% bonus match so if you sign up and make a deposit, they will match your deposits in bonus money that they will load into your account as you continue to play games.

Click here to sign up on Draftkings. They are currently offering a free contest right now when you make your first deposit.

Who knows? Maybe you might play against me one day!

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