Saturday, December 27, 2014

Daily Fantasy Basketball – An Overview Of How To Play The Game!

Last night was my BEST NIGHT EVER thanks to Kenneth Faried’s 26 points and 25 rebounds!!!

An Overview of Fantasy Basketball

I have been playing fantasy basketball for over 16 years! As a HUGE basketball fan, it is so much fun! Building a team of players and competing against others is truly exciting! 

However, I recently came across a WHOLE NEW way to play and enjoy fantasy basketball and it has been nothing short of AMAZING! It’s called DAILY fantasy basketball and I believe that this new trend is going to revolutionize not only how we play fantasy sports, but how we consume sports as well!

So the concept of fantasy basketball is simple.

You pick players.

Other people pick players.

You compete against them scoring points based upon those players ACTUAL in game performance.

The team that scores the most points wins.

Traditionally, fantasy basketball is played over the course of an entire NBA season. You draft a team at the beginning of the season. Then you compete against other teams throughout the season. You can trade players, sign free agents and waive players.
You can play strictly for fun and bragging rights or you can also play for cash and win money playing the game as well.

Season Long Fantasy Basketball Vs Daily Fantasy Basketball

While season long fantasy basketball is fun, there are some slight disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it is a VERY long season. Like the real NBA it starts in November and it continues until April. The challenge with the length of the season is that after a while, some teams get so far behind they have no chance of winning. When that happens it can be kind of boring for the team owner and they might not be as excited to set lineups and stay engaged. This also takes some fun away from the other league participants as there is one less player being active.

This is where daily fantasy basketball comes into play.

Daily fantasy basketball takes the same concept that season long fantasy basketball builds upon. However, it compresses time frames. So instead of competing over the course of an entire season, you compete over the course of a single day.

You pick your team. Your team competes against another team or other teams. At the end of the night the team with the most points wins.

Like season long, you can play strictly for fun and bragging rights. However you can also play for cash.

Playing for cash brings up a very interesting dynamic in the daily game.

In season long, you have to wait months to see if you are the person that ends up winning the cash.

In daily fantasy you don’t have to wait months. You find out THAT VERY NIGHT!

There are even free rolls where you can play for free and STILL win cash prizes as well. It’s a truly incredible concept.

How Does Daily Fantasy Basketball Work?

The first step is to pick your team. There are several ways this can be done and there are multiple formats.

However, the most common format for picking your team is called a salary cap format. Here’s how it works:

Every player is allotted a specific budget. That budget is used for the purpose of drafting players onto your team.

Each player playing that night is assigned a dollar amount. The top players have the highest dollar amounts. The bench warmers have the lowest.

Your job is to spend this budget on players to make up your fantasy team with the hope that your team is going to score the most points.

You can pick any player you want. Other players can too. So it’s possible that you and someone else both draft Kobe Bryant. If that happens, you will both score the same amount of points from Kobe and whatever players you have that are different will determine who has the higher score.

The key to picking a successful team is to maximize your budget by finding the best players and spending the least amount of money.

Sometimes, that’s going to involve spending the big money on the superstars and hoping that they are worth it. That’s what I did on Christmas night when I spent $12,000 of my $50,000 team budget on Russell Westbrook. With Kevin Durant out and it being a nationwide television game on Christmas night, I was expecting Westbrook to have a BIG game. So I spent the money and he delivered in a BIG way, scoring 34 points, grabbing 5 rebounds, dishing out 11 assists and getting 5 steals as well. This allowed me to get 66.25 points and helped my team win most of our matchups that night.

Other times, that’s going to involve finding players who are priced lower, but put up HUGE performances. That’s what I did tonight to win. I really liked Kenneth Faried’s chances of putting up a good performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves who are the worst team in the Western Conference. He was priced at only $6,000 tonight. That’s HALF of what I paid for Russell Westbrook on Christmas night. So I took Faried and he showed up in a BIG way, scoring 26 points, grabbing 25 rebounds and getting 3 assists. That was good for 61.25 points and helped my team win pretty much ALL of our matchups last night. In fact, my team did so well last night, I came $24 short of matching what I made working a FULL DAY on my job. I made this lineup ON MY LUNCH BREAK!

So that’s how Daily Fantasy Basketball works!

If you would like to play, the first step is to sign up on a website to play. It is legal to play in all 50 states in the United States, however, there are a couple of states that you can only play for free. Most states though, you can play for money because they don’t consider fantasy sports gambling.

My favorite site to play basketball on is Draftkings. They are offering a 100% bonus match so if you sign up and make a deposit, they will match your deposits in bonus money that they will load into your account as you continue to play games.

Click here to sign up on Draftkings. They are currently offering a free contest right now when you make your first deposit.

Who knows? Maybe you might play against me one day!

Monday, December 8, 2014

What Does A Million Dollar Fantasy Football Lineup Look Like?

Congratulations to Eytan Jankowitz and Aaron Merchank on winning the 
King of the Beach $1,000,000 Fantasy Football Prize with Draftkings!

(Eytan pictured here)

Yesterday, 50 fantasy football players competed live in the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas for a grand prize of One Million Dollars! The winners are actually a couple of long time friends, Eytan and Aaron! They decided to partner up together and build fantasy sports teams together. Interestingly enough, these two gentlemen are actually better on the basketball side of the daily fantasy sports world. However, it just goes to show that if you put together the right lineup on the right day and the right time, you can win it all!

They have been playing fantasy sports professionally now for almost a year and a half and now they get to add a million dollars to their career earnings, not counting whatever money they have made up until now. That’s pretty amazing! Imagine making a 7 figure income picking out professional athletes? That’s got to be a dream come true for any die hard sports fan!

So what does a million dollar fantasy football lineup look like?

Here is the lineup Eytan and Aaron used to earn themselves a million dollars yesterday!

QB – Russell Wilson – $7700 – 29.32 points – 3.81 value
RB – CJ Anderson – $7600 – 23.8 points – 3.13 value
RB – Le’Von Bell – $9400 – 50.5 points – 5.37 value
WR – Doug Baldwin – $4400 – 20.7 points – 4.70 value
WR – Pierre Garcon – $4000 – 18.5 points – 4.63 value
WR – Steve Smith Jr – $4300 – 20 points – 4.65 value
TE – Delanie Walker – $4200 – 6.7 points – 1.60 value
FLEX – Isaiah Crowell – $5000 – 11.4 points – 2.28 value
DST – Vikings – $3400 – 13 points – 3.82 value

So in this case, the million dollar lineup was formed by investing most of the money in the Quarterback and Running back positions. These top tier players all performed well, especially in the case of Le’Von Bell, whose performance was nothing short of spectacular. 

In order to be able to afford these players, the money was saved by acquiring low priced players at the receiving and tight end positions, targeting guys who they believed would perform at a minimum of 4 times their price/production value.

With the exception of the TE and the FLEX position, they were completely correct on their bargain players. All of them scored at a minimum above 4 times their price/production value.

When you build a team that has 3 studs who perform, combined with solid undervalued picks, you have a recipe for a winning team.

In the case of this team in particular, Eytan and Aaron had a MILLION dollar recipe.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Strategy To Improving My Fantasy Sports Performance!

So yesterday I wrote a blog post breaking down Why I Suck At Daily Fantasy Sports. Today I will break down what my strategy is to improve. One of the biggest difference between fantasy sports and gambling is fantasy sports is a game of skill, with a certain level of luck involved. Gambling is a game of luck, where in some cases there is also a certain level of skill involved. This is the reason why fantasy sports for cash is legal in most states, but gambling is illegal in most states.

Whenever you engage at learning something new, there are four levels of learning and skill. Everyone starts off at level 1. As you continue to improve, you are able to advance up to level 2, then level 3 then hopefully level 4.

The Four Levels To Learning And Skill In Fantasy Sports (And Everything Else In Life)

Level 1 – Unconscious Incompetence
Everyone who starts playing daily fantasy sports starts off at this level. This is ESPECIALLY true for people who are making the transition from season long fantasy sports to daily fantasy sports. At the unconscious incompetence level, you are not good at playing the game and you are not even aware at how bad you are. This is a dangerous place to be especially if you are careless with your money. At this level you are very likely to participate in matchups, not knowing what you are doing and losing money.

Level 2 – Conscious Incompetence
This is the level that I’m currently at in my daily fantasy sports journey. At this level you realize how bad you are and you realize how good other people are. You also realize that there are a number of skills that you need to learn and if you ever want to get better, you are going to have to put in the time that it takes to build these skills. Although you are going to continue to lose money at this level, the good news is at least you know that you don’t know what you’re doing and you now can begin to take some steps to get better.

Level 3 – Conscious Competence
This is the level where you start to experience consistent success in fantasy sports. You are now winning the majority of your matchups. However, you still aren’t naturally good at it yet. At this level of the game, you probably have a step by step process that you follow. However, you are most likely looking and referring to this process every time you go through it. You are constantly double checking yourself to make sure that you are doing the right thing. You are winning but you still haven’t developed the confidence and the assurance yet that those at the professional level have obtained.

Level 4 – Unconscious Competence
This is the highest level of learning and skill in fantasy sports. This is the level that those who earn a full time living playing fantasy sports operate from. At the unconscious competence level you are good and you know it. You can implement your research and lineup selection without even thinking about it. As a result, you consistently win many of your matchups and even take down cash prizes in some tournaments. Once you get really good, you may even start to win some of the big grand prizes and be one of those players taking pictures with the big checks!

My strategy to improve is simple. Now that I know that I’m not good, I am going to spend a significant amount of time learning from those that are better than me. The good news is unlike many other industries, the people that are successful in daily fantasy sports are very generous with their knowledge and expertise. They share a lot of valuable information about how to get better. All you have to do is be willing to invest the time to learn and practice what they teach and you can begin to experience success as well!

In future blog posts, I will share with you where I am going to acquire this knowledge and how you can tap these same resources to acquire this knowledge as well!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Why I Suck At Daily Fantasy Sports?

This picture is a perfect illustration of my career in daily fantasy sports so far!

Back in September, I decided that I wanted to take on the challenge of becoming a professional fantasy sports player. I love sports! Always have ever since I was a kid. I’ve played season long fantasy sports for well over 10 years since being introduced to it back in my college days.

Daily fantasy sports is a completely different animal than season long fantasy sports. There is a learning curve involved and you must go through that learning curve even if you know a lot about sports and even if you have been playing season long fantasy sports for years.

As a result, I suck!

I’ve had my high moments. For instance, I won my first Guaranteed Prize Pool matches, defeating hundreds of opponents and winning a cash prize. I wrote about my experience in my previous blog post titled I Won My First Guaranteed Prize Pool Freebie Game In DraftDay.  However, I have definitely lost more money than I won since I started.

Why Do I Suck At Daily Fantasy Sports?

One of the challenges that I am currently adjusting to is the dynamic involved in building a team for daily fantasy sports. In a traditional season long team, every player participates in a draft. You pick the best players first early in the draft and the less desirable players later on in the draft. A big key at being successful is maximizing value in your draft. You want to take your best players and most sure things early. You want to take some chances later on in the latter rounds of the draft and hope you find players that exceed what their expected value was.

However, daily fantasy sports is much different. While there are some matchups where you can employ a draft system similar to season long fantasy, the VAST majority of the matchups that you will play in utilizes a salary cap system. You are provided with a specific amount of money to spend on players. Each player is assessed a dollar amount of value. 

Your job is to use that limited amount of money to put together a team that will outperform a team that other players will put together.

This new dynamic creates a number of different challenges and possibilities that simply do not exist in season long fantasy football.

For instance, yesterday on Thanksgiving Day, I played in 5 matchups. One of my matchups was a one on one matchup. The entry fee was $2.20 to play in this matchup and whoever won received a $4 cash prize. This matchup included only the games played on Thanksgiving Day so every player that I picked had to be playing in one of the games on Thursday.

My opponent and I had to draft a team of 10 players. We picked 2 Quarterbacks, 2 Running Backs, 2 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight End, 2 Flex Positions (they can be running backs, wide receivers, tight ends) and 1 team defense.

One of the challenges with a head to head salary cap game with only 6 teams playing is both you and your opponent are building a team from a very limited subset of players. Because you build your team with a salary cap and not by drafting players, it is absolutely possible for you to pick the same players.

That’s EXACTLY what happened in this matchup. My opponent and I both picked Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford at Quarterback.We both picked LeSean McCoy at Running Back. We both picked Dez Bryant at Wide Receiver.We both picked Joique Bell, I had him at Running Back and he had him at one of the Flex positions. We also both picked the Lions defense.

What this means is that for these six players we were going to have the SAME exact score with the SAME exact players!

That means the final score of the matchup turned out to be a battle between the FOUR players that we had that differed from each other. My best player from our non-shared players was Brandon Marshall who scored 10 points in a losing effort for the Bears. His best player was Calvin Johnson who scored 37.6 points in a winning effort by the Lions. 

Johnson’s numbers were more than ALL four of my non-shared players COMBINED. As a result he won the matchup and the money!

That type of dynamic doesn’t exist at all in season long fantasy sports. However, it is a very real dynamic in the daily leagues and one that you have to account for. Even if you pick the best players it does you no good if your opponent picks the same players.

There are a number of similar situations like this that I am still learning and adjusting to. This is why I suck so far at daily fantasy sports. However, the good news is I have a plan on how I plan on getting better. I will share with you that plan in my blog post tomorrow!

Friday, September 26, 2014

I Won My First Guaranteed Prize Pool Freebie Game In DraftDay!

So I’ve been playing daily fantasy baseball for about three weeks now. The first two weeks I spent learning and understanding the game and figuring out my strategy. I finally finalized my strategy and daily research routine towards the end of last week.

So this week is my first week fully utilizing my daily research routine.

Last night, I achieved my first MAJOR milestone in my journey to become a fantasy sports professional.

You can make OK money grinding it out playing head to head and 50/50 matchups. These are games where you basically have a 50% chance of winning. However, the best you can do in these types of matchups is win an additional 80 cents for every $1.00 you pay towards an entry fee. If you want to make the BIG money however, you are going to have to win what are known as Guaranteed Prize Pools!

Basically, with these pools, you compete against dozens, hundreds, in some cases even thousands of other players. The top players in the matchup win the cash prizes in the pool. These pools have prizes of hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, even HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. Most players who make a six or seven figure income playing fantasy sports win guaranteed prize pools.

So last night I entered a freebie guaranteed prize pool.

Here’s a VERY important tip for you. Write this down.


A freebie matchup is a match where there is NO ENTRY FEE! That means it costs you NOTHING in dollars to enter this matchup. However, despite the fact that it is free, there is still a prize for the winner. Some of them have really small prizes. Sometimes they might have a larger prize. However, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by entering a freebie matchup.

So the one I entered last night, the prize was only $1. I competed against 345 other players.

Only the person who finishes first place wins the $1. Everybody else gets nothing.

In this particular game, each player is allowed to enter up to THREE teams. So I entered my three teams.

That brings up ANOTHER very important tip. Write this down.


If the freebie game allows you to enter up to 3 teams, make sure you enter 3 teams. All this does is increases your odds of winning.

So I entered three teams into this particular matchup. All three of my teams did very well.

My first team finished 49th out of 345, which is great! I finished in the top 15%

My second team finished 15th out of 345, which is incredible!

My third team finished NUMBER ONE OUT OF 345!!!!


This is huge because in only my third week playing, I was able to get a first place finish and win a prize pool beating out all of the other teams that were competing against me. This is a HUGE accomplishment for someone just getting started. There are people who have been playing this game for MONTHS or even YEARS and have never won first place in a prize pool before.

It is very important that you have a research routine and that you maximize the opportunities that are available to you. Doing so will help you to maximize your wins and minimize your losses in fantasy sports!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Fantasy Sports Professional Debut!

Travis Spieth, Winner of One Million Dollar Prize From FanDuel Fantasy Football!

So today is the day I make my big debut onto the Fantasy Sports Professional scene!

Could I be the next Travis Spieth and win a million dollars???

That would be awesome!

Anyway, since this is my first week, I thought it would be a good time for me to share some of the insights that I have learned to prepare for playing fantasy football.

To make enough money to earn a living playing fantasy sports, you really need to utilize daily fantasy sports leagues.

Traditional leagues are for an entire season. However, your chances of winning are much less, and you would either have to enter an unmanageable number of leagues or compete in very high stakes leagues.

With daily fantasy sports leagues, you can play every day. There are thousands of games at all different levels from free entries to thousands of dollars in entry fees.

My approach is going to be to play football on Sunday and play Baseball during the rest of the week. Once baseball season is over, I will transition to basketball and play basketball along with football.

To get started you can either play completely for free and utilize free rolls to build your bank roll. Or you can make a deposit and utilize your deposit money to play.

I started out by making a $35 deposit.

Next, you want to have a budget. Otherwise you could lose your entire deposit if you aren’t careful.

To begin I am going to only utilize 10% of my total available bank roll per day.

By utilizing only 10% that means I could lose every game up to 10 times before I have to deposit more money.

With a $35 deposit, that allows me to play in up to 4 games at $1 each. I rounded up since 10% of $35 is $3.50.

I can also play in any free games that are available. Football has 2 free games available this week.

The first step is to decide what type of competition you are going to play in.

There are three main types of competitions.

The first type is head to head. You play against one other player. Whoever wins receives the cash price. Loser receives nothing.

The second type is 50/50. You compete against a number of players. All of the players that finish in the top half splits the cash price evenly. All of the players that finish in the bottom half receive nothing.

There is a variance of this game where the top third splits the prize and the bottom two thirds receive nothing.

The third type is tournament. In a tournament, a number of people enter. There is a top prize which consists of the largest amount of the prize money available. 2nd place gets a smaller prize, 3rd place even smaller and so on and so forth.

So what is my strategy going in?

One of my first strategies was to maximize the Free Rolls.

A Free Roll is a tournament contest in which thousands of players participate. It cost nothing to enter and the top price is often significant.

In the case of the one I’m in, the person who comes in first receives over $136.

As long as I finish within the top 1000 or so, I will at least receive some money. 25 cents is the lowest cash price to be exact.

It cost me nothing to enter the free rolls. However, here is how I maximize the free rolls.

You are allowed to enter up to FOUR teams into this particular free roll I entered this Sunday.

So I made sure I entered four teams.

I also made four COMPLETELY different teams for this contest.

This significantly increases my chances of winning because if my main team does bad, one of my other teams may do good.

If all four of my teams do good, I could finish in the money four times and win four separate cash prizes!

My second strategy is to only participate in head to head or 50/50 matches.

Since I am just getting started, I want to maximize my chances of winning.

Each of these contests, I have a 50% chance of becoming a winner.

For these contests, I am using the same team for each one.

The head to head matches have the least amount of variance. If my team is better than my opponent, I win, plain and simple.

The 50/50 matches have a little bit more of a variance. This is because since I’m competing against more people, my team is more likely to either win most of my 50/50 matches or lose most of my 50/50 matches. So it’s a little more risk with a little more reward even though I still have a 50% chance of winning each contest.

So that’s pretty much my approach. I feel very comfortable with the teams I submitted and I like my chances of winning this week!

We’ll find out how I did soon enough!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome To Fantasy Sports Professional

My name is Roosevelt Cooper and welcome to Fantasy Sports Professional!

I designed this site with one purpose in mind. To help you earn a living from fantasy sports.

Whether you are looking to make a few extra dollars and bragging rights from your friends…

Or earn a few extra hundred a week to pay down on some debt or take a vacation…

Or quit your job and play fantasy sports full time…

You have come to the right place!

On this website, you will get an inside look at my journey from Fantasy Sports newbie to Fantasy Sports Professional!

I will also share with you many of the insights that I am learning from the professionals who are already earning a living playing this game!

Finally, in the future, there will be services available to you to help you to take your game to the next level.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! This is going to be AMAZING!

I’m excited that you are here to participate in this journey with me!